Poetry in Execution

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Python interpreter with example programs (4 KB zipped)

.exe interpreter with example programs (14 KB zipped) (Windows only)

If anything goes wrong while running these interpreters, please contact me!

How To Use

The Python interpreter takes arguments from the command-line, and it is run like this:

poetic.py [ -i input-file ] [ -w ] poetic-program

poetic-program is the program file which you want to run as Poetic code. (It can have any extension, though .ptc is recommended.)

The options are optional, but if included, they do the following:

-i / --input
Take input from a specified file, instead of STDIN.
-w / --wimpmode
Interpret program in wimpmode (programs are a series of numbers, instead of words).

(When typing in STDIN, the sequence CTRL+Z is considered end-of-file.)

Others are more than welcome to send me their own interpreters and compilers for Poetic (bonus points if they are valid Poetic programs themselves!).